Basement lowering or basement underpinning costs will depend on the scope of the work required and the age, size and condition of the premises.

Basement lowering is relevant to properties which have deteriorated over time, have been altered or have not been built to required standards or regulations. It may be relevant to you if there has been subsidence or significant water damage in your area or if you are looking to improve your property and its available space.

The process of basement underpinning will involve renovating or replacing foundations and adding or replacing joists. At Kleen Condition we use shuttered and reinforced concrete, we will ensure the new footings are completely balanced. We then move onto the aesthetics, laying new flooring and renovating and decorating the interior to ensure your project is of utmost quality.

The first stage in getting an accurate cost for basement lowering or underpinning is to contact experienced professionals like we at Kleen Condition. We will allocate an expert member of our team to take care of you. Our expert will chat with you to understand your expectations, inspect your property to fully assess the scope of the work, then provide a detailed quote and outline of the project process. We’ll ensure we keep the impact to your home or business at a minimum and complete the job in the quickest and safest timeframe. Once complete we’ll check our work and make sure you are completely satisfied with your home or business improvements.

Kleen Condition have completed many hundreds of basement underpinning and lowering projects in the Toronto and surrounding area. You can read the testimonials on our website of our many happy customers. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide a no obligation quote to you as soon as we are able.

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