Why An Inspection?

The Kleen Condition mold inspection has the objective of determining the presence and extent of mold infestations in your building. A wide variety of inspection and sampling techniques are used to determine if mold exists and if it requires remediation.

What Does an Inspection Involve?

The mold inspection procedure involves both non-intrusive and intrusive inspections and testing. Non-intrusive inspection includes visual inspections, and odor detection. Inspectors will look for visible mold growth, current or past water damage and routes of water/moisture infiltration. Intrusive inspection involves penetration of selected walls, ceilings or floors to examine conditions behind those surfaces.

What Equipment and Tools Are Needed?

Kleen Condition will use the following instruments in its inspection:

MOISTURE METERS: This device measures moisture in materials. It is used to measure Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) that compares a material’s moisture content to that of and equivalent moisture level in wood.

THERMOMETER: This is used to measure the temperature of air or objects such as walls or floors.

HYGROMETER: This device measures the ambient moisture in the atmosphere.

INFRA-RED CAMERA: The camera identifies potential moisture and biological activity behind walls, ceilings or floors.

BORESCOPE: This device uses a small optical tube to penetrate a wall, floor or ceilings for examination.

The Standards Required for a Mold Inspection

Kleen Condition follows the guidelines for mold testing as established by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) in “Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry”. This has been accepted as standard practice by professionals mold remediation. Kleen Condition also adheres to recommendations of the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario “Mould Abatement Guidelines”.

Your Responsibilities

In addition to provide access to the property and authorizing Kleen Condition to perform the inspection, you may be asked to authorize Kleen Condition technicians to make sample openings in floors, walls, or ceilings and to take such other invasive measures that might be necessary.

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