Finding mold in your house can be a nightmare if not taken care of as soon as possible. After all, nobody desires for their house to be infected with living microorganisms that release mycotoxins in the air.

Moisture and lack of ventilation can birth Mold – a type of fungus that can thrive on any surface. Even though it can take any form in any place, attic molds are largely the most common.

Attics are usually more prone to getting mold because of their locality. Any water leakages, disruptive venting, or other damages in pipelines can cause this. Commonly known as Black Mold, it can be quite toxic. It can give rise to several health issues with flu-like symptoms that worsen with enhanced exposure.

What should you do if you find mold?

If you suspect that there might be contagious mold growing around your house, the first step is to engage decorated mold removal specialists. Even though molds aren’t always visible you may notice a pungent smell, discoloration in an area, or feel nauseated when around them.

The first step to test for mold is to test the air quality. Once the source has been identified it is important to test around the house to trace any cross-contamination. The removal process cost depends on several factors and is different in every case. You must consider:

  • Locality of mold
  • How far it spread
  • Type of the mold

How mold removal procedure works

As we already know the process is different for everyone and relies on several factors. Here is how the standard procedure works:
1. Inspecting and identifying the source
Certified mold inspectors will use thermal imaging to probe the source of the mold. Moisture meters and hygrometers are also useful for detection. This process aids in the identification of the root cause of mold growth and finalizes the area of extermination.
2. Containing the mold
Negative air machines are the first step to prevent exposure around the house. This is followed by media blasting, which can be soda blasting or dry ice blasting. This helps in covering the maximum area and cleaning spores. Air scrubbers and negative air machines are great at cleaning the air.
3. Renewing insulation
Once the mold is cleared out and old insulation is removed, you can now replace it as per building code. You are then free to make use of your space again without the risk of contamination.


The mold removal process can sound complicated and time-consuming. However, it must be noted that it is a time-sensitive matter that must be taken care of as soon as identified. The longer you ignore it the more you’ll be putting yourself and your family at risk. The cost will incerease with time as well.

If the procedure is followed by the book it can lead to permanent riddance from mold. You must make sure to hire a reliable mold removal expert to aid in the process because the well-being of your home demands nothing less. We at Kleen Condition have been helping homeowners to get rid of their mold problems for years. Contact us at 1(416) 919-2093 and give your attic a new life today!

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