Cottages are one of the most popular home styles known for their vintage outlook, vacation vibe, and relaxing spot. It is famous for its old-world charm. Canadians are spending more money on renovations than on new builds. Renovating your old cottage can be a huge undertaking but if you do it right, it can save you a lot of money and time. We are sharing 5 tips for cottage renovation if you are considering upgrading your cottage:

  1. Entryway – A Warm Welcome

Your cottage’s curb appeal will leave a great first impression! The most important thing to remember is that the curb area will experience harsh weather conditions. When renovating your cottage’s entryway, consider how much parking space you should leave, what kind of landscaping is best suited and what are your access points in case there is heavy rain or snowfall. Making it welcoming and weatherproof is critical! Source materials wisely. Variables like climate, sun position, location, and space will influence your choices. The aesthetic of the interior entryway establishes the rhythm and style of your cottage and makes for an all-important first impression when you host guests.

  1. Kitchen – The Heart of Your Cottage

On average, a full kitchen remodel requires 40-50 professional hours spent on planning and design. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 5% of your total project budget to renovate your kitchen. Style and design decisions should be made with function and your lifestyle at the fore. The kitchen is the heart, the hub, and the largest traffic area in your cottage. Be sure that the design fits the purpose of the space.

For the kitchen, the most important factor while renovating is to remember that materials, matter. Choose materials in accordance with your personal sense of style and décor. Surface materials, countertops, cabinets, and drawers take the most beating as a working space for food preparation; so, they should be durable and versatile. Get trendy – laminate, butcher clock, cement, stainless steel, granite, or marble; the options are plenty. While choosing the material, consider longevity and durability.

  1. Master Bedroom – Recharge Station

Ask yourself, why do you want to renovate the master bedroom? Are you trying to add more space? Do you want to give it a new color and style? Are you remodeling the walk-in closet or renovating the bathroom? Once you have a clear answer, you can now begin to start planning to renovate your bedroom. Some of the tips to remember are:

  • Material chosen for the bathroom should be carefully selected to resist the moisture
  • Space is at a premium – find ways to maximize every inch with light and layout
  • Keep the bedroom well-lit and add new light fixates and ceiling fans
  • Walk-in closets are necessary
  1. The Basement – An Entertainment Dose

There are several ideas to consider when planning for a basement remodel, more than any other space in your cottage. Having a basement as an entertainment unit would increase the value and usage of your cottage. Do not leave it as a storage unit alone. Add some life to it. Turn it into a media room, or add some game tables, and a mini library – there are plenty of fun things that you can add to your basement and give it a new life. Plan for extra artificial lighting in spaces where your windows or natural light sources face east or west. Also, use the right materials for walls and flooring. It will not only keep the heat in and the cold out, but it will also conserve energy.

  1. Living Room – Space to Live

The function always influences design and materials. While renovating your living room, keep in mind that this area will be used the most and for many different purposes. Your guests might just spend casual time, watch TV, or use the space as an extra room to sleep overnight. Choosing the right flooring, countertops, walls, and surfaces based on your cottage theme and functionality is essential! The interior design should be aesthetically pleasing but not too delicate. Your plans for use and goals for space will determine the budget you will need to renovate your living room.

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