Methamphetamine, known for short as meth is used for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The drug is also known widely for being used as a recreational drug and can have damaging effects on the human’s central nervous system. One of the major issues surrounding the manufacture of meth is that it is often created illegally in labs in residential homes. Meth labs that are run illegally can cause a number of issues, including fire damage, explosions, and even contamination to those who are in and around the area. Homes or buildings that have been used to operate a meth lab has to be cleaned thoroughly before being reoccupied, and meth lab cleanup costs can be extremely high, as it is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. What it may cost an individual or a company will be dependent on some factors such as location, the size of the home and the level of contamination.       

Why is it Necessary to Clean a Meth Lab?
Similar to mercury spills cleanup, getting rid of traces of meth is required so that there is a no risk to those in or around the area. Even though meth has similar effects to other recreational drugs such as cocaine, one major difference is that meth is made up of a combination of dangerous chemicals. Using meth without the supervision of a trained doctor will always pose a dangerous threat that includes health risks, as well as the risk of damaging nearby homes and buildings; the process of mixing these chemicals can cause a fire, or lead to an explosion. Meth labs are operated not only in lower income neighborhoods but more affluent areas where they are often undetected. Persons who live in these areas are often at risk without knowing it.

How is Meth Lab Cleaning is Done?
Most meth labs are undetected and are not usually detected until something dangerous happens such as an explosion or a fire. Even when authority closes these labs, until they are properly decontaminated, the danger posed by these labs will stand. Cleaning a meth lab is done in a thorough manner, which means, every trace of it has to go. Regular household chemicals will not do the trick as professionals have to come in with the proper tools and equipment to make sure no residue remains that can cause harm to new occupants. Using professionals to handle meth lab remediation processes is always wise, as they will have the right gear.

The cleaning process can be time-consuming, costly and may even go one for more than just a few days but is a rewarding one. Before undertaking a cleaning, the proper tests have to be done to assess damages that might not be noticeable to the naked eye. Depending on the level of damage, carpets will have to be taken out completely, plumbing might need to be replaced, and items in that environment will have to be gotten rid of. Even hidden areas that might otherwise be overlooked, such as the ventilation system and air ducts, will have to be cleaned.

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