The answer to this may not be what mold removal will cost, but what will the cost be to my family or business if mold is not removed.

Mold is a far more dangerous organism that many understand. Some types of mold can lead to serious and occasionally fatal diseases. Those with compromised immune systems are most at risk, those suffering from cancer, or other debilitating illnesses, and the old and young especially. Mold often causes an allergic reaction at the very minimum.

Mold isn’t easily scrubbed or treated away. Household treatments generally don’t work. The only way to quickly treat mold and mold spores and prevent reoccurrence is thorough professional remediation.

If mold is not removed effectively the cost can be in health, or for a business owner, the litigation risk of operating a potentially dangerous premise for staff and visitors.

Mold remediation by Kleen Condition starts from $500 CAD, the exact price depends on the severity and scope of your problem and the size of your premises. We are always happy to inspect, assess, test your mold if required and provide a free no obligation quote before we continue.

Kleen Condition are certified by the ACAC, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration and NAMP (The National Association of Mold Professionals).

Remember that not only does mold itself need removing and treating but the causes of mold need to be addressed to prevent the mold growth returning time and time again. Mold can be caused by excess moisture and humidity and it thrives in damp environments. These factors need to be correctly remediated to prevent mold so the cost of doing this should also be taking into account. It may be as simple as providing correct ventilation but it can be more serious.

Kleen Condition are certified experts in our field – we can tell you exactly what needs to be done, and we’ll never over quote. We’ll do what is necessary to make your home or premises safe and mold free.

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