Basement finishing and bathroom renovation go hand in hand if you are looking to upgrade your home. You can turn your basement into a mini living paradise. We will discuss multiple tips and design ideas to upgrade your basement and renovate your bathroom into a whole new world. There are several different scenarios you should consider when thinking of finishing your basement and renovating the bathroom.

  1. Turn Up the Volume: Yes, a media room! It’s fun to have one room that can accommodate your friends and family to relax, get entertained, and have quality time. When turning your unfinished basement into a media room, you should take special consideration of the electrical part of the job. Turning the basement into a media room should start with an open concept living space, large seating area, and a solid wall to put that large TV on. Customizing the space to add a sink, snack bar, ice maker and a mini-fridge will be a great idea.
  2. Workout Den: Another great option is to convert your basement into your own personal gym. For that, you will need the space to be pleasing, breathable, and have a comfortable vibe for stress relief. Flooring that can be easily cleaned when you are burning your calories would be ideal. We recommend hardwood vinyl. One should consider hooks and wall plugs to hang the equipment and cabinets to store the yoga mats.
  3. Work From Home Space: Another hot trend (Covid times) is to have your basement turned into a home office or a quiet place for your kids to do online learning. The children’s learning area needs to be an organized space. Custom wall cabinets, multipurpose storage units, and customized corners to fit in desks and chairs. We recommend designing the space in a way that can accommodate 2-3 desk/chair setup with partitions.
  4. Personal Sports Arena: Turning your basement into a sports/ activity room is a great investment for your healthy lifestyle and a great way to keep your kids/teens busy. We recommend finishing your basement as a big hall where you can fit in your snooker table, table tennis table, and all sorts of indoor games that you enjoy as a family. Carefully choose the flooring that is most durable. Do not hang fancy fixtures. Nothing delicate and breakable.

Do you know what is forever intertwined? Your finished basement and a fully renovated bathroom – it is a project within a project! We will share some tips and ideas for bathroom designs that will help you decide what you need to set up a bathroom that goes perfectly with your basement theme and your needs.

  1. Full Bath Vs Half Bath: This is where you will decide if you need a full bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower area) or you prefer a basic half bathroom (sink and toilet).  Decide if you need closets for extra toiletries and towels. We always recommend that if you have extra space, go with the full bathroom. Also, if you ever plan on renting the space, this will be a huge deal maker or deal-breaker. Add more lighting – who does not love a wonderfully lit bathroom?
  2. Going Vinyl or Tile: We recommend to always go with tiles for the bathroom. They are easier to maintain in a wet environment. They are a perfect match for radiant heat, and they are durable and long-lasting. Last but not the least, they are easy to clean.

Bonus: Glazed ceramic tiles boast a practical protective layer for both water and stains.

  1. Plumbing & Electrical: You need to put all your plumbing within one wall of the bathroom – the wet wall. Be careful when you plan to renovate your bathroom. Do not miss the wet wall because the drain pipes are already installed there before the construction on the concrete floor of your house.  Leave the technicalities to the experts and always hire someone who is licensed to perform plumbing and electrical work.

Ready to renovate your basement which is both trendy and useful? Whether you are on a budget or not, you deserve the best, while upgrading your home. We at Kleen Condition take pride in serving our customers with our exceptional service and best rates. Get in touch today to get a FREE phone consultation and a FREE assessment of your property!

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