The role of the home kitchen has changed drastically over the past few decades. Kitchens used to be hidden at the back of the house, a place reserved for meal preparation and dishes. Today, kitchens are the heart of the modern home, a space where everyone gathers together. Modern kitchens are open and incorporate clean and simple designs that use natural sunlight to infuse the kitchen with a vitality older kitchens just lack. If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen this year, or even incorporating select kitchen updates, check out the below 7 ideas to inspire your kitchen remodeling:

  1. Get SMART! – Along with everything else in 2021, kitchens too can incorporate SMART technology, from building a smart kitchen from the ground up to incorporating different smart appliances, gadgets and devices to bring in added convenience for homeowners. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coffee maker that has your coffee ready for you when you wake up, or be able to control your lights remotely!
  2. Play around with colours – The clean white kitchen is now passe and dark solid coloured cabinets are in. Dark greens, black marble and midnight blues are replacing the white and bright kitchens of the last decade. Keeping lighter colours on top and darker shades at the bottom adds dimension and a colourful personality. Two-toned kitchens are in for 2021.
  3. Open Up Your Shelving – The advantage to open shelving is not so obvious at first glance, but open shelving requires a major purging and decluttering, that not only declutters the mind and lightens the weight on your shoulders, but opens the doors to adopting the habits of minimalism.
  4. Add a Multi-use Island – The kitchens of 2021 are not only a place to prepare food, they serve as a home office, a boardroom for online meetings, a classroom for online schooling and, not to forget, the centre for food prep and family meals. Adding an island to the kitchen provides extra counter space for the kitchen office and classroom use, food preparation and appliance storage. Don’t forget to incorporate hidden outlets in your island so that your laptop charger cables do not drag across the kitchen floor.
  5. Update your Appliances – One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to replace your old appliances with energy-efficient, SMART appliances, like a range hood, microwave, refrigerator and water-saving dishwasher. Although stainless steel appliances are still most popular, white appliances are making a comeback, this time with a more contemporary and sleek finish.
  6. Add Clever Storage Solutions – Using all the space in your cabinet and pantry through storage jars, baskets and roll-out trays allows for more organized food storage solutions. But storage solutions in the kitchen go well beyond the pantry. Drawer dividers, wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recycle, and deep drawers for larger pots and pans all contribute to getting the most out of the kitchen space you have.
  7. Get Savvy With Your flooring – Ceramic Tiles are still the no-fail, immortal choices for kitchen flooring. However, ceramic tiles have evolved to include a lot more designs and styles. Ceramic tiles can look exactly like hardwood floors or stone. The ceramic tile size and shape are not limited to the older square design, and are now available in the long wooden plank style to resemble authentic hardwood floors.

Let these 7 kitchen remodeling ideas inspire your journey to a new kitchen this year. At Kleen Condition, we pride ourselves on providing the most trustworthy and trendy kitchen remodeling experience. Get in contact for our free consultation, and start the journey of manifesting your dream kitchen with Kleen Condition today!

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