If it is the case that you are considering a basement conversion or cellar conversion, then ensuring that your basement is water tight is essential. Without adequate basement waterproofing, your basement will be susceptible to ground water movement to the internal surfaces.

Options for basement waterproofing
Basement waterproofing options vary from a blend of traditional to modern basement waterproofing systems and techniques. More often than not however, it would have been a traditional method such as basement tanking or external basement waterproofing that would have been installed within the basement that unfortunately may have failed allowing water and moisture to penetrate into the basement.

Modern basement waterproofing

With modern basement waterproofing systems, rather than creating a physical barrier allowing for a build-up of water pressure against the basement walls, water and moisture is controlled, managed and channelled using modern drainage systems such as water guard and dry track in combination with advanced air gap wall waterproofing membranes and advanced sump pumps below floor level that not only pump water away from the basement, but have engineered drainage wall linings to divert water to our drainage system.

The result is the lowering of the level of the water table and easing the pressure on the basement walls.

Kleen Condition basement waterproofing approach
Our fully experienced and qualified surveyors and technicians will:
Inspect your basement and discuss your needs

Determine the cause of your wet basement

Propose a basement waterproofing solution with a full specification and method statement

Carry out the most appropriate basement waterproofing solution ensuring that the basement is left water free

Organise regular inspections to ensure the system is working as designed

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