Why test for Mold?

There are several good reasons to periodically ensure your home or office is free of mold. The principal reason is to assess the potential risk to the health of building occupants. Mold can be deadly. In addition, mold testing is often used to confirm the exact type of mold and the source of mold. In the long run, formal, professional mold testing is the surest way to be comfortable that your environs are free of hazardous growths.

What’s involved in mold testing?

Trained and experienced inspectors will collect samples to analyze indoor environment. Kleen Condition uses only professional equipment that is calibrated on daily basis.

AIR TEST: sample(s) of the air are collected from your house and from outside. Samples then are send to the laboratory for analysis. When laboratory analyses are ready mold inspector will interpret results.

SWAB TEST: sample of visible (suspected) mold is taken and sent to our laboratory. When the results are returned, our inspector will help you interpret results

TAPE TEST: sample of visible (suspected) mold is collected on tape and send to the laboratory for analysis. When ready inspector will interpret results.

Why you need professional to take and analyze samples?

Mold Assessments require set of sophisticated skills and state of art equipment and not least a certified mold inspector.

Your Responsibilities

In addition to provide access to the property and authorizing Kleen Condition to perform the inspection, you may be asked to authorize Kleen Condition technicians to make sample openings in floors, walls, or ceilings and to take such other invasive measures that might be necessary.

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